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The preferred choice amongst the largest concrete pumping contractors and builders in the world.

Part of the reason that we are the favourite choice amongst many experienced contractors is because we, at Concord, have always been willing to work with, and listen to, our customers. We are always focused on the customer’s everyday needs in the field. That is why we make more reliable, robust and dependable concrete placing booms and concrete boom pumps. With more than 1700 machines in the field, there is no doubt that Concord is a preferred choice amongst some of the largest concrete pumping contractors and builders in the world.

We build machines that are tough, long lasting, and operator friendly.

At Concord, we will continue to focus on building more robust concrete boom pumps to create with the goal of creating both machine longevity and tougher operator-friendly machines. Concord boom pumps and placing booms will easily run for more than a decade, even after being in the field every day in the toughest conditions. We are also focused on increasing worker safety and improve operational costs for our customers through the use of our technology. As a manufacturer, we have a very competitive offer of solutions for any concrete pumping needs. Yet, that’s not where the value stops, as our resale value and demand for older used machines are exceptional.