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Our Story

The Best Concrete Pump in North America,


Concord Concrete Pumps has been in business for 45 years, 20 years pumping concrete and 25 years manufacturing high quality concrete pumps.

Concord prides itself of manufacturing world-class equipment. Concord stands alone in creating the toughest, safest and cost-effective solutions in the concrete pumping industry.

Mr. Flores's first concrete pump

Concord launched, in 2003, the first 40-meter concrete boom pump on a 3-axle
truck at the World of Concrete®.

In 2006 Concord introduced the 65-meter boom pump to the market; the world’s largest truck-mounted concrete boom pump, winning the Construction Equipment top 100 Award. That same pump is still in operation today using the original main pump, proving that the toughness and safety of Concord pumps are unparalleled.

Isidro Flores


World's first 65-meter boom pump