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In any type of industry, there are always common questions that customers tend to ask. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers in the concrete pump industry:

Question: How do you build your concrete pumps?

Answer: Our pumps are manufactured in our facility in Korea then shipped to us here. We mount the pumps in our facility here in Canada and complete thorough testing to ensure the pump has been built correctly and is ready for use. Because we own and operate of facility in Korea, we can ensure the best quality pumps we are receiving and there are no surprises.

Question: What if I have problems with my concrete pump?

Answer: Don’t worry; our support staff is available by phone 24/7. We can walk through the issues with you and help to troubleshoot the problem and provide you with the solution. In rare cases where the issue cannot be addressed over the phone, one of our technicians will fly out to your location to handle the problem on location.

Question: I have an old concrete pump. Can you restore it?

Answer: With our repair and rebuild services, we can bring new life to your existing concrete pump. We can refurbish, clean and rebuild all the parts of the concrete pump. We then put it back together and performing testing to ensure it is working just like new. We will also clean the body on and put on a new coat of paint or a wrap so the exterior matches the revitalized parts within. You won’t believe its the same concrete pump you left with us.