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We used to be concrete pumpers, so we know everything there is to know about your machines and how to fix them. Concord pumps are robust machines that are not over complicated with a lot of hardware that will shut down on you. If you need a repair or rebuild on your Concord pump, or on any other brand of pump, we can help. At Concord, we offer everything from completely refurbishing your concrete pump to fully restoring it.

During our complete refurbishing process we will replace the boom, pipes, hopper parts, pins, and bushings in your concrete pump. We can even provide you with machine upgrades and a complete machine cleaning, including steam cleaning, degreasing, and sandblasting. Once we are done cleaning your concrete pump, we will prime and repaint it, and even add new vinyl decaling to make your pump look like it is brand new. We offer local repair services all across North America.

Our full restoration service offers our customers the option of having us replace or rebuild the boom and cylinders. We use a jig to repair any booms, so that we can completely rewire your pump and install new control panels and remote controls. The experts at Concord can also repair hydraulic pumps and repair leaks and o-rings. All of our rebuilds come with a one-year warranty and are run through a complete, 20-hour test.